Transaction Through BUCHASIA MRIDULA
Apply Digital Certificate with Aadhaar eKYC (OTP)
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This process allows you to complete the electronic KYC instantly, and enables eMudhra to process the certificate in minimum possible time.
The connectivity to Aadhaar (CIDR) is down for unspecified reasons. Hence, this facility will not work till the restoration, and may take several days. Thank you for your cooperation.
Important Note !
  1. Applicant Mobile and Email is required. UIDAI has stopped providing mobile number and email ID of Aadhaar holder. Hence, Applicant should have access to his/her email ID and mobile number while applying. Verification codes will be sent to email ID and mobile number during this process.

Steps to get DSC

  • eKYC

    Authenticate yourself using Aadhaar for eKYC with OTP

  • eSign

    Perform eSign through Aadhaar with OTP

  • Video Recording

    Record video while answering simple questions

  • DSC

    Obtain your DSC in minutes* after processing by eMudhra Representative

Things to note

  1. You should have Aadhaar to continue with this transaction.
  2. Your Aadhaar should have either of Mobile or email ID linked to it.
  3. This process involves eKyc,eSign and Video Recording for all types of DSC issuance.
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